Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Final Thoughts

-One of my highlights of this semester was finishing the placing on my imaginative self-portrait. It was hard and I had to draw the bird like seven times in four different places, but when I finished with every symbol I wanted in every different place I was so proud! I love how this drawing turned out.

-Another highlight was finishing my unsung hero painting, acrylics are hard for me and they're not my favorite medium either. But I really like how the landscape of my portrait turned out, and though I could have added way more detail, I kind of like how simple my portrait is. It isn't as complicated as other paintings in the class but I'm really proud of it, and you can tell the little girl in my painting is my drawing style

-The best highlight was definitely watercolor. I was really in my element here! I felt really accomplished when I mostly understood how watercolors work (even though I had only used super cheap ones on computer paper in the past!) But, I didn't just feel accomplished, I felt comfortable as well!

Work of Art that I am the most proud of

I think my favorite piece of art that I have done this year COULD be my large watercolor of the palm trees. But since that isn't done yet I have to say my favorite is my imaginative self-portrait. I'm proud of this piece because I feel like it really represents me, and I was always excited to be doing it. I had so much fun planning it and thinking up symbols I wanted to use. I had a really hard time placing everything, though! I think the placing turned out really well, though, and I was able to fit every symbol that I wanted. This portrait has inspired me to draw more often, I even started a sharpie drawing on my wall that looks a lot like the bottom flowers on this portrait. Also, this portrait is something I'd even hang on my wall for inspiration. The planning for this has helped me plan for how I'm going to decorate if I move this summer (which I might!)

Watercolor Techniques

Purpose: To experiment with , explore, and learn a variety of ways to paint with watercolor.

I learned many important concepts in my watercolor unit. I think the most important thing I learned how to do was to use a light wash of color before I start, and also how to blend and fade so I have different areas of color (some dark and some white). In my small landscape I used a lot of white and dark space with blending inbetween to create a sky portrait. Another important thing I learned was to be patient with my watercolors! I have so many places that could be better if I had waited to paint something! In my larger landscape (not pictured) I hate how one of the islands blends into the ocean because I didn't wait for it to dry. I also learned how important using water is, in my larger painting the trees look somewhat scraggly because I didn't use a lot of water on my brush, I think they would look a lot prettier if I had used a wetter brush (I'm hoping I can fix this, though!)

Unsung Hero: Sylvia Mendez

I chose Sylvia Mendez as my unsung hero. In my painting, I tried to capture the happiness Sylvia must have felt when she found out she was going to her new school, instead of the shack she used to go to school in. I also tried to capture the happiness she must have felt knowing that she was paving the way to other desegregation cases. Because Sylvia had the first desegregation of school cases in her time. I think I created the feeling of happiness, not only with my portrayal of young Sylvia but with the background in which she stands. Instead of basing my sky and grass on Sylvia's California home, I used a blue, sunny day and bright grass. I also chose to depict the school where Sylvia once went. Though it probably does not look like the "shack" described by Sylvia (it turned out a bit brighter than I wanted it to be), I made sure to write that it was closed. I think this signified a closing in the past Sylvia once knew. I also chose to depict the new school Sylvia fought to go to. I tried to make it look welcoming, though I'm sure that in the time that Sylvia went to it, it was anything but welcoming. But the important part of this school is that Sylvia is on a pathway, this pathway depicts two things, the path to a better education for the people in her time and the path to Brown vs. Board of education. I also have painted Sylvia with a small letter that has the name of her case, and she is smiling and looking down at it, I tried to make Sylvia look as though she knew she had made a difference.
It is said that Sylvia's case "paved" the way to Brown vs. Board of Education and that it was very similar to the more popular case but lived on a smaller, local scale. I think that without Sylvia's case definitely did just that, even though we never learn about it in history class. I think her story is truly inspiring because it was left unknown for so long, even though her case was so crucial. She is no longer an unsung hero and was rewarded the Medal Of Freedom by Barack Obama in 2010, and now that her name is known, she uses her fame to speak at schools, tell her story and encourages children to stay in school. I think that it is amazing that she still tells her story and that she inspires children everywhere with it.
This story inspired me because I think it's important for everyone to know about Sylvia and her case, and the important message she still shares today. I found Sylvia's story made me so much more appreciative that I live in the time period I do, and she also made me appreciate my right to an education a lot more than I used to. Without Slyvia's story, I don't think I ever would have appreciated where I came from so much.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Vegetable/ Fruit Painting

I think using the pallet knife taught me a lot about painting. I learned that I can just create depth with by blending colors OR you can create depth by overlapping new, lighter colors over the previous darker ones. This helped me a lot in my pallet knife painting because I didn't have to do as many layers as I thought I had to in order to create depth. Next, I learned that though something may appear dark, it's better to blend outwards from dark to light to create a line, instead just using a dark color to draw it. This was hard in my pallet knife painting because using the side doesn't always create a perfect line. Finally, I learned that you should always start with the background. This helped me especially in my paintbrush painting because I learned I could make smoother lines by painting on top of the background instead of trying to edge around the fruits and vegtables

Friday, May 13, 2016

LMC Unsung Hero Planning

Which stories motivate you? Suzanne Turner, Alice Seely Harris, Elizabeth Horton Shaff, Claudette Colvin, Sylvia Mendez
Which Unsung hero inspires you visually? Sylvia Mendez
Consider any and every visual from the story, including:
  • Location (maps, geography, etc.) California, Mexican school vs white school, brown v board
  • Unsung Hero images- I could do a difference comparison between the two schools and draw her between them
  • Significant Objects- Bus, Bus seat (scroll, books, the difference between both school buildings,
figuratively telling a story.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What Is Still- Life?

Why did you choose this image? What about it drew your attention? How might any aspect of this influence your work?

Jazzmataz XXIby Rose Blochart Date Unknown

I chose this image because it really popped out at me. I love how it is made from little red, blue and green dots. The bright colors really make the painting interesting. I also love how each image is made up of little dots. like the white and brown shells. However, I don't like how the colored dots sometimes cover up the smaller shells. I would like to maybe use the idea of using dot in my work and I would love to use this kind of color scheme!